Richard Green

Richard Green

Health & Beauty Industry Writer
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Richard Green stands as a distinguished figure in the beauty tech realm, boasting an extensive background in evaluating, understanding, and writing about the sector's newest devices and technological innovations. Originally from Seattle, Richard earned his accolades with distinction from the University of Seattle, securing a Bachelor's in Technology and Beauty Sciences.


For over two decades, Richard has been engrossed in the beauty tech landscape, meticulously reviewing and analyzing the insights of other industry pioneers, which has significantly influenced his own writings and reviews. His expertise has made him a sought-after voice in the beauty tech hubs of San Francisco and Chicago. Richard has also graced academic circles as an Associate Professor in Beauty and Tech Innovations and is an esteemed member of multiple beauty and tech consortiums. His contributions to the field are vast, with numerous articles in esteemed beauty tech journals and pivotal chapters in industry-standard textbooks. Richard's advocacy for cutting-edge and safe beauty solutions has seen him collaborate with major industry bodies, pushing the boundaries of what's possible in beauty tech.

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