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Gleam Mini

What makes the Gleam Mini different from the seas of Red light therapy pain relief products is its size. It is the perfect one-hand size pain relief product.

Gleam Mini
Gleam Mini | Source: Official Website

The Gleam Mini is a gem of a little product that comes from the parent company gleam. It does the same thing as its more expensive colleagues. It just does it in a much smaller package. The company and the product doesn’t skimp on quality by sacrificing size.


The technology behind Gleam Mini

The device is small and is a handheld light therapy device. It emits red and near-infrared wavelengths which work together to optimize cell function, and improve the body’s health and wellness.

The light provides the mitochondria with enough energy to repair the damaged cell and become healthier. The red light is of 660nm and the infrared wavelength is 850nm. The centerpiece of the device is an led diode panel and it only comes in two sizes.


Technical Specifications

Number of LEDs:150 LEDs (76 Red and 74 Infrared)
Wavelengths:660 nm (Red) and 850 nm (Near-Infrared)
Treatment Area: Full body
Irradiance: > 100 mW/cm2
Weight: 14 lb (6.35 kg)
Gleam Mini Technical Specifications

Device Ease Of Use

The Gleam mini is very easy to use and its size is the best thing about it. It is the best red light therapy device in its size. To begin with, the company advises you to place the damaged area about 6 inches from the device and expose the area to the device for a period of 2 to 10 minutes. After 2 weeks you should start feeling the results.


Device Safety

The Gleam mini is safe for the use of the general public. The FDA has declared it so and the thousands of people who have used this device can attest to the device's safety. People who are sensitive to light should stay and so should people under the age of 18. You should wear goggles when exposing your face to the light as the light can permanently damage your eyes.


Conclusion and Rating

8.7Expert Score
Final Thoughts,

It is the size which makes Gleam mini truly stand out. The small size makes the device portable without sacrificing functionality. It is the best red light therapy option for those suffering from moderate amounts of pain.

Ease of use
Device Safety
  • Small size is a godsend.
  • It is very effective for its size.
  • The price point is fair.
  • It is very portable.
  • The build quality is lacking
  • Manual is terribly written
  • Comes in only two sizes
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