Doctors Gave Up Fixing Her Sciatica, but Today She Feels Like A New Person

After helping hundreds of people suffering from painful sciatica, and even experiencing it myself when I was younger, I can tell you there's likely no more aggravating form of back pain. It can be so debilitating that sometimes you can't sit, stand, walk, drive, or even lie in bed comfortably. The pain is truly unbearable.

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Just a few days ago, someone came into our clinic on her hands and knees, as it was the only way she could find relief. 

She was in tears, with pain radiating down her legs. Her story inspired this article, and I'm going to share with you what I told her. My clinics and programs are a destination for people from all walks of life who suffer from sciatica. 

The first thing you should know is that sciatica is not a disease. That's right, “sciatica” is not a diagnosis. If a doctor tells you that's what you have, you're not getting the whole truth. Sciatica is a symptom, not the root cause of the problem.

When doctors label your pain as sciatica, it may provide temporary relief, but it doesn't address the underlying issue. They might prescribe heavy-duty ibuprofen to calm inflammation, refer you to a physical therapist, and then move on to the next patient. 

However, many doctors struggle to effectively treat their sciatica patients. Patients often return with the same pain, the same issue, and the same cry for help, leading doctors to wonder whether the patient even wants to get better. 

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The truth is, it's often the treatment that's not working. Sciatica refers to symptoms of pain that begin in the lower back and extend down through the buttocks, thigh, and sometimes as far as the foot. 

The tingling or painful sensation going down your leg is most likely caused by an issue in your spine, such as:

  • A disc irritating, compressing, or pinching a nerve
  • A facet joint at the back of a vertebra that is out of alignment
  • A strained back muscle spasming and painfully squeezing a nearby nerve or nerve sheath

Diagnosing the root problem can be challenging, even with advanced technology like MRIs. This is why most doctors feel they're doing the best they can with the resources available. However, I prefer to take a more self-directed, holistic approach to addressing sciatica.

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Here is how I helped Michelle, a yoga instructor who was suffering from severe back pain. She had visited several doctors and specialists, who suggested various treatments, including disc replacement surgery, pain medications, and implanting a permanent device in her spine.

Despite undergoing four procedures involving needles in her spine, she only experienced temporary relief for a couple of days.

Desperate for an alternative solution, Michelle turned to Ian for help. Initially, she was skeptical about his methods, as she believed her background in yoga and anatomy had equipped her with the knowledge to manage her pain. However, she was unaware of certain muscles that she wasn't using, which might help her lower back.

After her first session with Ian, Michelle noticed an opening in her back that she hadn't felt in a long time. She felt her core growing stronger and the radiating, burning heat pain she had been experiencing began to dissipate. Her back seemed more open and flexible.

Following her second session, Michelle observed an even greater stretch in her lower back and increased strengthening in previously weak muscles that could support her lower back. She was pleasantly surprised by the effectiveness of Ian's methods, which had provided her with substantial relief from her pain.

To learn more about Michelle's journey and Ian's approach to treating back pain, watch the video:

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So, how do we fix the pain and numbness? Recently, a successful yoga instructor came to my clinic, still suffering from sciatica despite years of practice. 

One might think that yoga instructors, with their active and posture-focused lifestyles, would be the last people on Earth to experience back pain. 

But if a healthy 45-year-old yoga instructor can suffer from crippling back pain, what does that mean for the rest of us?

To help Michelle, we focused on eight unique movements that are not your typical exercises found on a chiropractor's or doctor's sheet. 

These movements are all about waking up specific muscles and restoring balance. In certain areas of her back, we kick-started pathways to allow vital oxygen and nutrients to flow in, promoting healing from within.

This holistic approach to alleviating and eliminating sciatica is simple yet effective. 

In Michelle's case, it took just two 30-minute sessions to be completely pain-free. That's right, there are ways to get rid of pain without resorting to medication, surgery, or injections, and you don't need to spend months in physiotherapy either.

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Ian Hart is the Founder of He has helped thousands get out of pain without drugs or surgery.

If you’re plagued by constant back pain and want to learn more about a fast, natural way to get immediate relief, find out more in this free video.

To learn more about Michelle's journey and Ian's approach to treating back pain, watch the video:

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