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SunshineFace 3-in-1 Phototherapy Comb

SunshineFace 3-in-1 Phototherapy Comb | Source: Official Website

The SunshineFace 3 in 1 Phototherapy comb employs a two-pronged technique to combat hair loss. The Sunshine comb is exactly the same as all the other Red light therapy comb out in the real world, but it does a better job and has better quality than its competitors for the sub $40 price range.
The Sunshine works on the age-old technique of hair rejuvenation by using the miracles of red light therapy. What makes Sunshine different from its competitors is the price and the fact that it also makes use of massage therapy. The infrared light and the massage therapy work together to promote hair growth.


The technology behind SunshineFace 3-in-1 Phototherapy Comb

The SunshineFace 3 in 1 phototherapy comb works on a dual technique to help with the growth of hair. The infrared light is aided by massage therapy in its fight against the evils of receding hairline. This technique promotes blood circulation and creates a healthier environment in order to encourage hair growth.
The device is equipped with soft, silicone bristles that vibrate at 6,000 rpm, while at the same emitting red and blue lights. The infrared lights will help your hair grow back while the stimulating massage will soothe any irritation you may be feeling.


Technical Specifications

Number of LEDs:140 LEDs (70 Red and 70 Infrared)
Wavelengths:650 nm (Red) and 850 nm (Near-Infrared)
Treatment Area: Full body
Irradiance: 110 mw/cm2.
Weight: 20 lb
SunshineFace 3-in-1 Phototherapy Comb Technical Specifications

Device Ease Of Use

The Sunshine 3 in 1 phototherapy comb is designed for ease of use. It is shaped like a comb and functions in very much the same way. It is very easy to use: if you have ever used a comb or seen one. Just like a comb, use the Sunshine to comb your hair, just a little more slowly and more gradually. Try to spend at least 5-10 minutes every other day combing your hair/ your scalp with the Sunshine. You will see improvements in about 6-12 months. The device also comes with its own charging port and charging cable. The comb is portable and rechargeable. So, you can use it anywhere.


Device Safety

The Sunshine 3 in 1 phototherapy comb is very safe to use. The device despite being this cheap doesn’t skimp on build quality or build materials. It is very safe to use and has been a darling of the market for well over a year. It is portable and ideal for users of all age groups.
Despite the relative safety of the product, it must be noted that Sunshine 3 in 1 phototherapy comb works on the principles of red light therapy and as such shouldn’t be used by children and people who are sensitive to light.


Conclusion and Rating

9.5Expert Score
Final Thoughts,

For those that can't afford to spend too much on Red light therapy products for hair, The Sunshine 3 in 1 phototherapy comb is a great option.

Ease of use
Device Safety
  • It is very easy to use
  • Has been proven effective
  • Portable and you can recharge it anywhere, at any time
  • Great bang for the buck
  • Cheap
  • Isn’t as effective as the more expensive model
  • Durability is also an issue.
  • Comes with a MicroUSB charging port rather than the standard USB c
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