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iRestore Laser Hair Growth System

iRestore Laser Hair Growth System is the pinnacle of RLT to combat receding hairlines and baldness. Its ease of use, laser technology, and outstanding results is why we believe that this nifty product should be the number one choice for anyone looking for the best hair growth red light therapy.

iRestore Laser Hair Growth System | Source: Official Website

The iRestore system has been a phenomenal success since it first entered the market. The company spent a good chunk of its money and time in R&D, before moving to clinical trials. In 2017, iRestore produced superlative results in its first-ever clinical trial, FDA approval soon followed. The 2017 clinical trials showed that all of the participants experienced significant hair growth. Each participant on average experienced a 43%increase in his/her hair growth. The first batch hit the market in the tail end of 2017 and it has been remarkably successful since then.


The technology behind iRestore Laser Hair Growth System

The iRestore works on a pure laser, red light therapy approach to encourage hair growth. The technology behind iRestore has been specifically tailored to maximize hair growth. The laser light used by iRestore has a wavelength of 650 nm. It employs a total of 51 medical lasers to emit the 650 nm red light. The number of lasers, in conjecture with the specific wavelength, speeds up the rate of cell metabolism and reactivates the follicles. This greatly helps with hair growth, not only stimulating hair growth but also improving the quality of the hair.


Technical Specifications

Number of LEDs:140 LEDs (70 Red and 70 Infrared)
Wavelengths:650 nm (Red) and 850 nm (Near-Infrared)
Treatment Area: Full body
Irradiance: 110 mw/cm2.
Weight: 20 lb
iRestore Laser Hair Growth System Technical Specifications

Device Ease Of Use

The iRestore is very intuitive. All adults will find the device very easy to use. The device is designed like a helmet, you simply put on the device and fasten it securely on your head. Once the device rests securely on top of your head, you can enable start. The device has its own timer and it will tell you when you can take the device off. You can also pause the device in the middle of the session and resume it a little while later.
The manufacturer recommends 25 minutes session every other day for the average adult. The device is very lightweight and is expertly made. So the 25 minutes should just fly by. In our testing, we also found the device to be very durable.


Device Safety

The term laser may put you off but bear in mind that iRestore is FDA approved and as such poses no health risk to the general public. iRestore also doesn’t use any kind of chemical to spur hair growth. It is both drug-free and safe. While some caution is necessary to use the device. The device shouldn't be used by a person under 18, or on wet hair, or by those more sensitive to light. The iRestore is by all accounts a very safe product to use.


Conclusion and Rating

8.8Expert Score
Final Thoughts,

iRestore is the best of the best hair growth red light therapy products. If money is no issue then splurge for iRestore.

Ease of use
Device Safety
  • It is very intuitive to use
  • Has been proven very effective to combat hair loss
  • The product is very light
  • The 6-month money-back guarantee is a great added bonus
  • Can easily be used by both genders.
  • Can be used with other hair growth products.
  • Limited mobility.
  • It is very expensive.
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