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Solawave Review: Is it really worth all the hype?

Read on as we review the 4-in-1 red light therapy technology of SolaWave
SolaWave Review - Red Light Therapy News
Solawave Skincare Wand
Quality | 9.0/10
Price | 8.0/10
Reputation | 8.0/10
Support Research | 8.0/10

Key Features

Reduce the appearance of wrinkles
De-puff and energize the skin
Portable and rechargeable
Combines 4 skincare technologies
Award-winning and patented device

This is a review of Solawave Advanced Skincare Wand. In this SolaWave review, we take an in-depth, concentrated look at the four cutting-edge treatments and technologies that the company claims are effective.

What is Solawave?

Solawave is a skincare tool that claims to use clinically proven technology to reduce fine lines and dark circles while generally rejuvenating the skin.  It uses science-backed technology with an esthetician-approved method to reverse the signs of aging and minimize breakouts.  

SolaWave Review
SolaWave Wand – Source: Official Website

Solawave was created by co-founders Andrew Silberstein and Eli Bailey.  Their mission as stated on their website (www.solawave.co) is to make beauty and self-care accessible for all people of any skin tone. 

They provide a 30-day money-back guarantee for all products to allow consumers to make the investment in better skin without stress. 

Simply put, if this product truly does what it claims, it can be your secret weapon against aging.  Non-invasive and used in just 5-10 minutes per day, no one even has to know you are using it. 

Users claim that applying the renew complex serum with the wand daily for 4 weeks will have the compliments rolling in.  Then, you can share your good fortune to have found this simple, effective, and skin-rejuvenating product

Does this sound too good to be true?  Then read on as we review the technology behind this device and deliver research that supports these claims. 

Key Takeaways
1. Advancements in technology are creating at-home skincare products that deliver real results using light, heat, electric and vibrational therapies.

2. Solawave is a leading brand with a solid reputation in the genre of skincare products. 

3. Research on these types of therapy is rapidly expanding and seeing positive results in the areas of skin tightening and rejuvenation.  These technologies can also be used to help medical conditions like acne and skin cancer.

SolaWave Review summary:

SolaWave 4 different technologies - Red Light Therapy News
SolaWave Wand 4-in-1 – Source: Official Website

The benefits of a Solawave Advanced Skin Care Wand with Red Light Therapy are both exciting and worth the investment.  Skincare that is esthetician-approved that can be done from home is convenient and easy, something this busy mom needs desperately.  

Research on the 4 different technologies in the Solawave wand along with the renew complex serum has shown positive results for reducing fine lines and giving the user younger, healthier skin.

As more and more research studies are conducted on the benefits of these therapies on skin rejuvenation and reducing inflammation, I am sure we will hear more about their uses in the future. 

The claims made by Solawave are so big that as a consumer I get leary of overpromising and making false statements. 

I spend plenty of money each month on creams, face masks and cleansers but a one-time purchase of $149 seems like a large amount to invest. However, once I added up how much I was already spending on other products with minimal results, and little to no research on them, I was willing to make the investment.   

What will you learn in this SolaWave review:

In this review, we will take an in-depth, concentrated look at the four technologies that Solawave claims are effective.  This product is wildly popular as women and men are catching on to this easy way to get clearer skin by reducing fine lines, dark spots and dark circles.  We have reviewed the technology and the claims made by Solawave to educate the reader on the product details and methods. 

We all want younger, firmer, better-looking skin.  While skincare companies can charge astronomical prices for products that hardly deliver results, this review is to help ensure you are an educated consumer.  Let’s examine the technology behind the Solawave Advanced Skincare Wand and determine if it is a safe and good buy for the average consumer. 

Additionally, you will learn about these cutting-edge treatments and technologies that help support the claims made by Solawave users.

So how does it work?

Solawave is a small hand-held device that uses 4 different types of technology all in one wand.  It weighs less than an ounce and has a rechargeable battery that can last for 60 working minutes. The wand itself can warm up to a max temperature of 107 degrees with an electrical output of 5 volts.  The wand is made out of Aluminum alloy and comes in 3 colors: gold, silver and rose gold.

How To Use SOLAWAVE - Red Light Therapy News
How To Use SolaWave – Source: Official Website

This one product integrates the therapies of:

  • Microcurrent
  • Red Light Therapy
  • Facial Massage
  • Therapeutic Warming

It is small and portable with a reasonable price tag of $149 (payment options are available).  Use it with Solawave serum or your favorite skincare product.   It is rechargeable with a USB port.  Once you start using it daily, you will want to pack it with you when you travel too!


A SolaWave review by Slashed Beauty

Solawave Technology #1: Red Light Therapy 

SolaWave Review - Red Light Therapy News
SolaWave Wand Technology – Source: Official Website

This is the strongest, most researched technology in the Solawave Advanced Skincare Wand. It has been proven to reduce inflammation; the precursor to disease and aging.  Inflammation has been studied in great detail in recent years due to its harmful effects on all parts of the body. 

Red Light Therapy (RLT) uses red and near-infrared light that kills bacteria without damaging skin cells. Additionally, it has been proven to stimulate collagen production thus providing more structure to skin cells.  Regular daily use results in fewer breakouts, a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles and healthier, firmer skin.  

Red Light Therapy has been deemed safe with no risk of overuse.  Beyond skincare, RLT is also used for:

  • Wound healing
  • Reducing Stretch marks
  • Improving the appearance of scars
  • Treating oral mucositis in chemotherapy patients
  • Prevention of recurring cold sores

The National Library of Medicine published a study from the Photomedicine and Laser Surgery Journal.  The study was a controlled trial to measure the efficacy of Red Light Therapy. The results showed an increase in collagen for participants and a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles. View the study here

Solawave Technology #2: Microcurrent

Solawave Microcurrent - Red Light Therapy News
SolaWave Microcurrent – Source: Official Website

Microcurrent fires up the mitochondria of skin cells with a low-frequency electric current spurring them to heal and rejuvenate the skin.  A microcurrent is a tiny wave of electricity delivered to the skin that tightens the skin and stimulates collagen and elastin.

  This results in your skin not only looking better but being physically healthier.  In the Solawave Advanced Skincare wand, only 5 Volts of electricity are used. 

One study on Microcurrent from the Life Science Journal found that patients' skin improved after one month of treatments but then continued to improve one month after treatment commenced. 

The benefits of microcurrent continued due to the revitalization of skin cells.  The study also found that 70% of patients were satisfied with their results.  Read more about it here

Solawave Technology #3: Therapeutic Warming

Therapeutic warming increases the absorption of skincare products.  The Solawave Advanced Skincare Wand can be used in conjunction with a hyaluronic acid conductive serum that enhances its effect.

Therapeutic warming, also known as heat therapy, increases blood flow by opening up the blood vessels (also called vasodilation).  This process stimulates blood flow and opens pores to aid in the absorption of the serum.  The more primed and ready your pores are to accept the serum, the better the serum can work to make an impact into your cells. 

Solawave Facial Massage - Red Light Therapy News
SolaWave Facial Massage – Source: Official Website

Research has shown that warming the skin prior to other treatments, like light therapy, actually increases the effectiveness of the treatment. The findings are reported here

Solawave Technology #4: Facial Massage

The final technology utilized in the Solawave Advanced Skincare Wand with Red Light Therapy is facial massage.  Solawave claims that facial massage, achieved through sonic vibration, decreases the appearance of puffiness and dark circles

Sonic Vibration stimulates blood circulation, provides deep cleansing and improves lymphatic drainage. This means your pores will be cleaner and better able to absorb the hyaluronic acid in the serum or lotion you use. 

Another study from the National Center for Biotechnology Information showed a clear distinction between skin that was treated with sonic vibrations and skin that was not. 

The study was conducted on 48 adults who had no known skin conditions.  After 8 weeks of treatment, it was concluded that the mechanical stimulus created an anti-aging effect on the skin. More on this study here

Here’s some curated SolaWave reviews by real people:

Great Product Quality
Bought Solawave Wand with serum, amazing wand, fast shipping and I can see the difference in my skin!
— Hajer A. (Read the full review: TrustPilot)
5 Star Review - Red Light Therapy News
Love it!
I love my skincare wand! I bought it a couple of weeks ago and I received it fast and with no issues. Super easy to use and I love how my skin feels. (Read the full review: TrustPilot)
5 Star Review - Red Light Therapy News
Very impressed
I love my wand and the little acne tool. my husband keeps borrowing the wand and the bye acne has helped me with chin and cheek pimples when they popup. (Read the full review: TrustPilot)
5 Star Review - Red Light Therapy News
I recently purchased the Solawave…
The YouTube videos and customer reviews on the device itself speaks volumes, but the customer service is exceptional and definitely worth the shout out. (Read the full review: TrustPilot)
— Verity Rose
5 Star Review - Red Light Therapy News
I’ve loved my wand from solawave…
I’ve loved my wand from solawave but also want to shout out their customer team for helping me fix an error I made on my second order that caused it to ship to my old address. (Read the full review: TrustPilot)
Tracy S.
5 Star Review - Red Light Therapy News

Cautions and Side Effects:

While research has stated that you cannot overuse Red Light Therapy, I would caution the user to only use a product as directed.  Solawave states that the product should be used for 5 to 10 minutes daily and I feel that is an appropriate and manageable time frame.  There is nothing in the research about more time under treatment rapidly increasing results.  The skin must have time to rejuvenate and respond to treatment.

Additionally, there are no age restrictions listed on the product but as a parent, I would make sure it is out of reach of children.  The wand only turns on when pressed to the skin so there can be no risk of electrocution or unwanted exposure. You may also want to keep it out of reach of your children so they don’t break it.

What is Red Light Therapy and How Does it Work?

what is red light therapy
Red Light Therapy (RLT)

Red light therapy is a type of therapy that uses red or near-infrared light to treat a variety of conditions. During a red light therapy session, a person is exposed to a specific wavelength of red or near-infrared light that is delivered through a light-emitting device. The light penetrates the skin and reaches the cells within the body with a range of therapeutic effects.

Red light is a type of visible light, Its wavelength falls between approximately 630 and 700 nanometers (nm) on the electromagnetic spectrum. Red light is often used in light therapy treatments for the skin, as it has been shown to have the most beneficial effects on skin cells and collagen production.

Near-infrared (NIR) light, on the other hand, has a longer wavelength than visible red light and falls between approximately 700 and 1200 nm on the electromagnetic spectrum. NIR light is not visible to the human eye, but it can penetrate deeper into the skin and other tissues than visible light, making it useful for a variety of therapeutic applications ranging from wound healing to inflammation reduction or to improve circulation, among other benefits.

Different Red Light Therapy devices usually deliver slightly different wavelength ranges that research has shown to be the most effective for the concern they are being recommended for.

Red Light Therapy (RLT)  strengthens the mitochondria, the cell’s powerhouse, where cell energy is created. Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) is the critical energy-carrying molecule that is found in all living organisms. By optimizing the function of the mitochondria, more ATP is produced and with increased energy cells can function optimally.  

This scientific breakthrough resulted in scientists discovering Red Light Therapy’s ability to stimulate and speed up tissue repair and growth. Red Light Therapy is now widely used for maintaining a healthy complexion, speeding up muscle recovery, reducing inflammation, improving sleep, treating neurological conditions, balancing hormones, treating pain, and even losing weight.

Research has also indicated that Red Light Therapy can help to restore cellular balance and alleviate the negative impact of blue light exposure. The prevalence of blue light in our society has become a growing concern as many individuals spend prolonged periods of time looking at screens on a daily basis.

Red Light Therapy (RLT) is also called:

  • Low-Level Light Therapy (LLLT)
  • Photobiomodulation (PBM)
  • Cold Laser Therapy
  • Photonic Stimulation
  • Low-Power Laser Therapy (LPLT)
  • Phototherapy

A Brief History of Red Light Therapy

Red Light Therapy (RLT) has a long and rich history, dating back to the discovery of light therapy in 1896 by Dr. Finsen. Dr. Finsen discovered the therapeutic use of light to treat a form of tuberculosis called Lupus Vulgaris in 1896. He found that light therapy could successfully heal lesions associated with the disease.

This discovery of light therapy paved the way for future advancements in the field. Dr. Finsen's work in this area was so significant that he was later awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology in 1903.

History of Red Light Therapy for weight loss
Red Light Therapy for Weight Loss

In 1960, the first laser was invented by Theodore H. Maiman despite Albert Einstein theorizing modern laser principles in 1917.

Since then, researchers and medical practitioners have continued to explore the potential of RLT in various fields. For instance, in 1987, NASA conducted research that found RLT to be an effective way to stimulate plant growth during space missions.

This research provided valuable insights into the benefits of RLT beyond human health. In the medical field, Endre Mester's work in 1967 using low-level laser therapy devices to test the effectiveness of treating the effects of skin cancer proved to be a crucial milestone in the history of RLT.

These devices later received FDA approval in 2002 for wound healing processes. In the 1990s, LED Light Therapy gained popularity due to the reduced production cost and increased efficiency of LED light bulbs, making it an accessible and affordable option for consumers.

Physical therapists also began using LED therapy for sports-related injuries, observing a rapid recovery time in their patients. Recent research has shown that RLT can reduce body fat in specific areas, such as the stomach, and promote weight loss through its effects on hormones like Leptin and Ghrelin. This breakthrough is an exciting development in the field of non-invasive treatments for weight management and reinforces the importance of light therapy in medical research.

RLT continues to make strides in the field of non-invasive treatments for a variety of conditions, with researchers exploring further its potential and clinical applications.


The exciting news I hope you take away from this review is that the Solawave Advanced Skincare Wand is both safe and effective. But, better yet, busy moms like me can simply add it to their home skincare routine for science-backed benefits.  That makes it worth its weight in gold (or rose gold or silver!). If this sounds too good to be true, then click on the links to the research provided in this article and read it for yourself.

While research continues to grow on the technologies presented in this review of the Solwave Advanced Skincare Wand, all current studies show small but promising gains in the successful reduction of fine lines and renewing of skin cells. When doing your own research on a product, it is best to look for reputable journals and science websites that do not only reproduce results from corporate-sponsored studies. 

As independent research on the technologies of red light therapy, therapeutic warming, sonic vibration and microcurrent increase, I believe it will not only continue to prove the efficacy of such treatments but also help to refine and improve the technology behind them. These technologies have the potential to not only help aging men and women feel better about their skin but also to help people battling diseases like skin cancer and conditions like acne.

Share the news of this wonderful product with your friends or keep it to yourself and use it as your own personal weapon against aging.  Order yours below:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is The Solawave Advanced SkinCare Wand FDA approved?

YES, it is!  The Food and Drug Administration has approved the use of this product. And it is esthetician-approved and science-backed.  You can trust that you are putting healthy treatments into your skin.

Is Solawave legit?

Solawave products have been recognized by several different beauty and business magazines like Forbes, allure and Byrdie.

Does Solawave really work?

Research articles cited in this review and hundreds of reviews can be found online that all show how the technologies in the Solawave Advanced Skincare Wand reduce the appearance of wrinkles, dark spots and dark circles while rejuvenating the skin.

Is Solawave worth it?

Solawave is safe, non-invasive, and so easy to use you can do it in just 5-10 minutes a day from the comfort of your home.  Better skin without a hefty price tag and a trip to the spa or dermatologist?  Yes, please!

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