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11 Best Red light therapy Beds Review

Read on as we list and review the top red light therapy beds on the market

A new weapon in the fight against ageing is here.

Red Light Therapy is an emerging technology that is rapidly expanding due to its many health and beauty benefits. Red light therapy beds use Light-emitting Diodes (LEDs) to produce red and near-infrared light of various wavelengths. When used at a low level, also known as photobiomodulation (PBM), this process helps to battle ageing, and acne and helps reduce inflammation at the cellular level.

Key Takeaways
1. Red light therapy beds have benefits that help those who use them.

2. There are several Led light products in the market. However, we review the 11 best red light therapy beds in 2022.

3. Things to consider when making a red light therapy bed purchase.

Before you purchase a red light therapy bed, read this review.   It will save you time and money as I hope it helps to find the right product for you.  I used and tested various red light therapy bed products and found some of the best options for getting the glow back in your skin.  In the past, I have gone through the experience of red light therapy for full-body treatment and know what worked and what didn’t. Using this experience, I have conducted a thorough analysis and research to allow you to make the best choice for you.  

Overall, I found that the best choice for an led bed was the LightStim led bed due to the multiple benefits and the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) approval.  However, there are other red light therapy bed options you can explore for a specific treatment, and I have done a review below. 

Review Summary

Below, we review each red light therapy bed in detail, touching on the features, benefits, downsides, and if it should be an excellent buying choice. Red Light Therapy beds are a technology that most people are not familiar with.  The goal of this review article is to teach you about the benefits of red light therapy beds and help you, the reader, decide on a product that fits your needs.  

What you will learn

Inflammation has been identified as a cause of several health issues from chronic conditions to immune disorders.  One emerging technology designed to fight inflammation in the body is Red Light Therapy.  This article serves as a way to educate the reader on how this technology not only reduces inflammation in the body but also helps to regenerate cells.  In addition, we aim to arm you with consumer-driven information that will help ensure you buy a product that is right for you.  Below, I have outlined 11 LED beds that each fit a certain niche of consumers in the hopes that we help spread the news about this wonderful therapeutic technology.  

1. LightStim Led bed – Best Overall

LightStim Red light therapy Bed
LightStim Led bed – Source: Offical Website

The clear winner on our list is the LightStim Led bed; the FDA approves it for treating muscle spasms, proper blood circulation, and minor joint stiffness. 

The led light it produces has a wavelength that allows the body to absorb it at a cellular level, triggering it to create new proteins and regenerate new cells. 

It features Led lights which are 18.000, and consists of a variant of infrared, dark red, and deep infrared. These all combine to provide a soothing experience that is non-invasive for any user. LightStim Led bed uses ultraviolet-free light which allows the body’s natural healing process to be undisturbed.  

This bed is perfect for anyone who has been doing hard physical labor, suffering from joint pain or recovering from an accident or injury. 

2. The Miracle 5040 – Best for Comfort

The Miracle - Red light therapy Bed
The Miracle 5040 – Source: Official Website

The best bed for comfort on our review list is the Miracle 5040 red light therapy bed, which has unique features and benefits. 

Two key benefits of Miracle 5040 is its comfort and portability. For increased comfort, it uses a Goldilocks system which aids in creating an even distribution of light during red light therapy to prevent hot spots for any user.

Made in the USA, it has a total of 1600 LEDs. With a total of 5040 watts, it consists of 800 watts for red lights, 800 watts for near-infrared, an extra 240 watts for the arms and hands, and finally, 1600 powerful LEDs.

All of this technology can sound intimidating, but the Miracle 5040 is easy to use and maintain.  You won’t spend hours trying to figure it out or take care of it. 

The Miracle 4020 is best to use if you are after comfort, minimal downtime in maintenance, and medical-grade red light therapy. It is the most convenient and comfortable choice on the list. 

However, size might be an issue for some users due to its portability.

3. The Big Miracle 7200 – Best for Patients

The Big Miracle 7200 Red Light Bed - Red Light Therapy News
The Big Miracle 7200 – Source: Official Website

The brand which makes the Miracle 5040 is also behind the Big Miracle 7200.  Similarly, it  features a Goldilock system that helps for even distribution of red light to prevent hot spots. It is an excellent medical device with about 2400 LEDs in place, with a combination of 1200 red lights and 200 infrared lights. 

If you like the comfort and technology of the Miracle 5040 but don’t need the smaller, more portable size, then this is a better option for you.

You will also enjoy reduced runtime because of the higher capacity compared to the Miracle 5040, which allows complete body treatment in just 10 to 15 minutes. The reduced time means that you will be more likely to use it each day. You can easily add it to your morning or evening routine without having to alter your schedule by much. 

It is perfect for those who love the Miracle 5040 and want a medical-grade device with improved capabilities targeted at the patient-recommended size of 450 lbs.

4. Max Miracle 9600 – Best for Medical services

The Max Miracle 9600 Red Light Bed - Red Light Therapy News
The Max Miracle 9600 – Source: Official Website

The largest in the Miracle brand family, it is designed to incorporate all the features of Miracle 5040 and Big Miracle 7200.  This is a professional grade and sized machine. 

Just like the smaller models, it is user-friendly and designed to allow the user to get comfortable during the session. Additionally, it comes with an electric lift which accommodates different body sizes.  These features make the Max Miracle 9600 led bed best for professional use.

It has 3200 LEDs, providing users with the best red light therapy bed experience. The sessions are short, lasting from 10 to 15 minutes which is perfect for those with a tight schedule.

To prevent hot spots, which sometimes happen during red light therapy. It uses an internal cooling system which helps to reduce the temperature in concentrated areas. 

Due to its size and dimension, it isn't suitable for those who want a red light therapy bed for private use; it is built for medical professionals and is most suited for them to help handle clients.

5. RevunaSkin Red Light Bed – Best for Spa and Body Wellness

RenuvaSkin Red Light Booth
RenuvaSkin – Source: Offical Website

The RevunaSkin Red Light Bed is built specifically for a unique spa and body wellness experience. It is designed for a full-body treatment because it allows total body exposure. In addition, an adjustable body cooler enables users to adjust the fan speed for better comfort during the session.

It has a feature that allows users or clients to bypass the delay timer and begin the session immediately. However, if you are a business owner, you should have a control timer at the front desk to avoid unwanted events.

It comes with an XL lamp that provides an output for a 15 minute session, located at the canopy section of the red light therapy bed

The LCD timer allows users to dedicate their session time by pausing, stopping, and starting at their discretion. Also, it comes with an Hour counter that allows owners to track the lifespan of the red light bed. 

If you are a business owner into body wellness and spa, this is the right red light therapy bed for your business due to its features and benefits. It allows for more control of your machine and the timer while giving your clients a relaxing and therapeutic experience.

6. Solbasium Flex Red light therapy bed – Best for Athletes

Solbasium Flex Red Light Therapy Bed - Red Light Therapy News
Solbasium Flex – Source: Offical Website

Another, more versatile option is the Solbasium flex red light therapy bed.  This bed is designed for multi-purpose use; you can use it at home for personal use, professional medical services, and/or sports centers and facilities. 

The wavelengths used by the Led light bed are customized for efficiency and beneficial use to the human body. The wavelengths are 630nm, 660nm, 810nm, and 830nm.

It has built-in controls that allow you to control the infrared light exposed to the body when used. In addition, you have the choice to choose what wavelength you prefer. These features allow the user to provide a variation of wavelengths and tailor each session to the individual client. 

The Flex red light therapy bed is a good buy for those offering professional services because it comes with a three-year warranty, and you can customize the wavelength to your choice.

The downside is that you can't use this for a whole-body treatment.

Red Light Therapy Water Bed - Red Light Therapy News
Solbasium Water Bed – Source: Offical Website

7. Red light therapy Water Bed – Best for Gyms

Another therapy bed from the Solbasium brand is the red light therapy water bed. Built for efficiency, it has a LED lifetime of 50,000 hours.

Although it has a few downsides, it is built specifically for professionals, gyms, and sports facilities. 

The design of the red light therapy bed doesn't allow for a full-body treatment. You should reconsider if you aim to get one that does that sorely.

Regardless, it has unique features; it has different wavelength configurations and a three-year warranty. It is a good buy if you plan to offer professional services.

8. Solbasium Helios Red Therapy Bed – Best for Relaxation

Solbasium Helios Red Light Therapy Bed - Red Light Therapy News
Solbasium Helios – Source: Offical Website

One of the most sophisticated therapy beds under the Solabasium brand comes with added features.  It can be controlled remotely, provides continuous pulse wave operation, and emits red and infrared lights.  Unlike the previous two we reviewed, it is a whole-body treatment therapy bed. And is a great choice for those who own professional services.

Business and purchase-wise, a couple of benefits make this irresistible. It has a wifi capability, which can help you or your client with a state-of-the-art experience. In addition, there is an intelligent cooling system that works to prevent hot spots.

It comes with a wireless tablet control that allows you to control it remotely, and you get a six-year guarantee when you make the purchase.

It is ideal for purchase if you want to start a professional service like a spa, wellness, and gym center.

9. The Elysium Device Led bed – Best for Bio Resonance 

The Elysium Device™
The Elysium Device™ – Source: Offical Website

An experimental medical device, the Elysium, is used to treat and repair dysfunctional energy patterns in the human body.  It uses the ATP system, which uses German LEDs with a lifetime of about 200,000 hours and above; it also comes with six different wavelengths.

Using several scanning technologies, it identifies this dysfunction in energy and comes up with corrective frequency to fix the irregular bio resonance from the human body.  This technology is new but impressive and holds a lot of promise for future studies. 

It offers complete body treatment and is beneficial for relief from minor pains and injuries in the body; this is your best bet if you are looking for an alternative approach to red light therapy beds.

10. TheraLight 360 Full Body PBMT – Best for Photobiomodulation therapy

TheraLight 360 Full Body PBMT
TheraLight 360 Full Body PBMT – Source: Offical Website

Another one on our list is the Thera Light 360 Full Body PBMT. It offers various wavelengths, from red to near-infrared lights.

This impressive machine is a three-hundred-and-sixty-degree system, which means you get total exposure to the red light.  It has 45,000 LEDs which lets it achieve a large surface area and irradiance level when in the bed. 

Another great feature is the two modes of operation; the continuous wave and pulsed mode. In addition, it comes with its own wireless tablet that allows you to control it remotely. 

It also features built-in blue tooth speaker wheels to aid mobility. If you are looking for a therapy bed that allows easy mobility and ease of use to treat inflammation then this is your best bet.

11. TheraLight Fit Full Body PBMT – Best for Photobiomodulation therapy

TheraLight Fit Full Body PBMT
TheraLight Fit Full Body PBMT – Source: Offical Website

This model is very similar to the TheraLight 360.  It also combines four therapeutic wavelengths to get the best results.

It features a whole-body treatment for treating inflammation and lets you control each wavelength independently of the other.

The air-cooling system and three year warranty are also standard in this model. It is ideal for treating full-body inflammation.  Many times, inflammation can be lurking undetected in your body.  The Fit Full Body’s total treatment makes sure that if there is inflammation anywhere in your body, it is treated. 

Buying Guide

Red Light Therapy, Photobiomodulation and Bio Resonance are all relatively new technologies.  It is best to be an educator consumer when attempting to make a large purchase in this area.  There are certain things to watch out for when purchasing a new product. Below we go through this so you can make the best buy decision.

Features of the Product

The features are essential to consider before you make a purchase. Be sure to have clarity on exactly how you want to use your product.  Will it be just for you and kept in your home?  Or are you attempting to use it professionally?  Also, consider the space in which you will place the bed and take measurements to ensure it will fit prior to purchasing.  To avoid buyer's remorse, you need to be clear on the functions, specifications and size of the product before buying. 

If done without due diligence, you might buy a medical-grade device you don't need or spend more money than you have to.  For instance, if your main goal is to reduce inflammation, make sure the product you are choosing has the right features to treat it.

Side effects of Using the Product

When buying a product considered to be medical grade, you want to know if there are side effects to its use.  If you currently take prescribed medication or use other medical devices, you may want to consult a physician about how those therapies might impact one another.

Fortunately, red light therapy beds are generally considered safe, with no known side effects.

Cost of Purchase

An important thing to also consider is your budget. When you want to make a purchase, you need to be sure that the price you are willing to go for gets you all the desired and required benefits.  Additionally, most of these brands offer a warranty but you want to read through the warranty to make sure the product can be returned if you are unhappy with it. 


I’ve described the use of red light therapy beds and reviewed several different models. However, going for the overall best, the LightStim Led bed can serve all intended purposes.  It is the most well-rounded choice for the average consumer.  

Research has only begun to scratch the surface of the deep well of benefits red light therapy can provide.  Use this review as a tool to educate yourself on the purchase that is right for you and get your LED bed today!  You’ll be on your way to a healthier, better life.

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