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NUFACE Reviews: Is It For You? We look at 6 NUFACE Anti Aging Products

We look at some of the leading NUFACE devices. We aim to try and help you make a more educated decision before making a commitment and purchasing the right device for you.

Lines and wrinkles have been a problem for many people for a long time, even though they are inevitable signs of aging. We do everything we can to invest in the latest products and get rid of any signs that show everyone our youth days are over. Well, you are reading this NUFACE Reviews article right now, arent you?

The brand produces at-home microcurrent devices you can use to reduce signs of aging. If you are looking to invest in their product range, you have come to the right place. Here is everything you must know about it.


NUFACE is a brand that is known for creating skincare products and at-home devices for its customers. The brand is famous for designing and producing facial toning devices that utilize the technology of microcurrents. Remember that the brand is not doing anything new, as such technology has been around since the 70s.

NUFACE Reviews
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However, such technology was not being used for beauty purposes. Instead, many people used to use microcurrent technology for healing wounds and relieving pain. In the 90s, it also became a part of the cosmetic industry.

These devices are known to make your facial muscles stronger. That is why you must go through all the NUFACE reviews to make the right decision.

Does NUFACE Really Work?

The NUFACE devices do work but don't expect it to be a quick fix for all your beauty or skin issues. You have to be consistent and patient if you want to notice long-term results. The microcurrent technology is legitimate, and it will offer you results, even if they are subtle.

According to the many NUFACE reviews, you should use this device as a supplement to your skincare routine. Relying on it completely to solve all your skin issues is a mistake, as it will not do that. So, be sure to use it along with other skincare items you have.


All the NUFACE devices work in a similar manner. These devices emit microcurrents that will send gentle waves throughout your facial muscles and the skin. The science behind this is that it mimics the natural currents present in your body to address skin concerns, such as lines and wrinkles.

The primary aim of the device is to help you tone, contour, and lift your facial muscles, so you look younger. Here are the steps you must follow to use the device:

  • Wash your face with an oil-free cleanser
  • Apply the gel primer to the area you want to work on
  • Turn on the device and place it in the targeted area
  • Move the device to another position when you hear between one and two beeps

That is how easy it is to use the device, according to the many NUFACE reviews. Many people make the mistake of dragging the device on their skin, but you shouldn’t do that. Instead, just move the device from one targeted area to another.

You can also use the pamphlet of the brand and follow the instructions of the NUFACE Mini, which says:

  • Three glides on one cheek
  • Three glides on one side of your neck
  • Three swipes up on one side of the forehead
  • Repeat all of it on the other side of your face

Remember that each swipe will last for a few seconds and will end up with a beep. That is when you know you have to move the NUFACE to the next area you want to target. Once you follow the instructions, you will find it a breeze to use this device.


Yes, NUFACE is safe if you use the device properly. One thing to keep in mind is to never use the device near your thyroid gland or on your neck. Besides that, here are some people that should never use this device:

  • Pregnant women
  • Under 18 individuals
  • If you have an implanted device, such as a pacemaker
  • If you have cancer
  • If you are prone to seizures

You should also avoid using the device on lesions or inflamed skin. The devices are approved by the FDA for safety, but these are the guidelines you need to follow. Now that you know the safety guidelines, let's move on to the NUFACE reviews.

NUFACE Reviews

Here are all the NUFACE reviews of the various devices and products it offers:

1. NUFACE Mini Starter Kit

The NUFACE Mini is the ideal device for anyone that is new to this type of therapy. It is small, affordable, and uses the same technology as the other devices. The device will send electrical currents to your facial muscles and skin to ensure a tight and youthful appearance.

With this device, you will also receive a gel primer that you must apply before using the device. It costs around $200 and will help you get started with this therapy without breaking your bank.

2. NUFACE Trinity Complete

The NUFACE Trinity Complete is a complete facial toning kit that includes lip and eye attachment, a wrinkle reducer, and a facial toning device. The device will help reduce fine lines and wrinkles while strengthening your facial muscles as you use the device.

The kit includes the gel primer that you can apply before you use the device. The great thing is that you can also offer this to someone as a gift set because it is a complete solution. This kit will set you back more than $500.

3. NUFACE Gel Primer

You must invest in the NUFACE Gel Primer if you are going to use this device and apply the gel primer before using the microcurrent technology. It is a lightweight gel that will conduct the microcurrent from your device to the facial muscles. Because of this, your skin will be hydrated for more than twenty-four hours.

The gel is for around $30, and most of the kits come with this gel already. However, if the bottle in your kit finishes, you can purchase another one. Think of it as a conductor of your microcurrent device, as it will protect your skin while using this technology.


According to NUFACE reviews, the NUFACE Fix device is ideal for smoothing those fine lines and wrinkles on your face. The device is designed to blur your wrinkles and fine lines while ensuring your lips look fuller. You can get the lip effect by moving the device around the lip line.

As a general rule of thumb, you should use the device for three minutes in each treatment area. It also comes with the Fix serum to help conduct the device and brighten your skin. Once you are done using the device, your skin will feel hydrated and look brightened in no time.

5. NUFACE NuBody

Are you looking for a solution that goes beyond your face to make your skin look and feel fantastic? If you are, then the NuBody device by NUFACE is for you. It is a skin toning device that you can use for five minutes in each treatment area to get the most out of it.

You have to use the NUFACE gel and apply the gel primer before you use this device on any body part. However, it will work best for your thighs, abs, and buttocks. It is best that you don't use the device on your neck or near the thyroid gland for your own safety.

6. NUFACE Trinity And Effective Lip & Eye

Smooth your fine lines and wrinkles around your mouth and eyes with this NUFACE Trinity and Effective Lip & Eye device and set. You can use the device for five minutes each day and five days a week for the best results. It will help you reduce the appearance of nasolabial folds, lines, crow’s feet, wrinkles, fine lines, and much more.

The device will set you back around $500, which is why it might not be ideal for you if you are on a budget. However, you will have to go through the NUFACE reviews and decide if it is worth your money in the long run.

What NUFACE Customers Are Saying About Their Product

Now that you are familiar with the product range of NUFACE, you might be wondering if the products by this brand are the right choice for you. You can go through the various reviews to decide if it is worth your time and money. Here is what everyone else is saying about the NUFACE devices:

“I brought this device for my girlfriend, but now I use it myself all the time…. It is a nice facial treatment that slightly lifts the face and helps with fine lines… I use NUFACE now since eighteen months, and the device is still good.”

Escher, CA

“I have been using NUFACE for around three weeks, 4 to 5 times a week. After each use, I feel my face looks more youthful overall. The feeling and look of youthfulness come right away because the muscle stimulations help increase blood flow and everything looks better.”


“After a few weeks, I started seeing subtle improvements, and my skin seems to look better each day. I don’t know if this improvement will continue, but fingers crossed.”

Sharon Gleen, USA

Frequently Asked Questions About NUFACE

Now that you have gone through the various NUFACE reviews, here are some frequently asked questions to help clear up any questions on your mind about this device:

Can You Use NUFACE While Nursing?

According to the brand, they don’t recommend using the devices while you are pregnant. That is because the devices have not been tested on pregnant women for use. However, if you are a new mom and nursing, you can use the NUFACE device.
It is completely safe, and it will not cause any harm to you or your child. The serums have safe ingredients, which is why you can apply them to the targeted areas and use the device without an issue.

Why Can’t You Use NUFACE On Neck?

NUFACE is not to be used near the thyroid gland or on your neck. That is because these devices have microcurrents that are not good for such sensitive areas. However, there is a NUFACE device made for the entire body that you might be able to use on your neck.
That is because the FDA has cleared it for safe use on the neck. However, it is best that you don’t use the other devices on your neck. They have not been tested on the neck and can lead to a lot of issues.

Can NUFACE Make Wrinkles Worse?

The primary aim of the NUFACE device is to smooth your fine lines and wrinkles. That is why it will not make your wrinkles worse but make them smoother than before. Of course, it is up to you to follow the guidelines and use the device in the right way for the best results.
You must use the device for a few minutes each day in the targeted area. You can use it at least four to five times a week for the best results. It will make your skin tight and youthful.

Can You Use NUFACE With Botox?

Yes, you can use microcurrent devices with Botox and fillers. However, it is best that you wait at least a week or two after your procedure before you begin using the NUFACE devices. This will give your skin some time to heal before you can administer microcurrent technology to it.
Besides that, if you begin using microcurrents on the Botox region, you will undo the effects of the Botox. You can also consult your aesthetician as they will offer you sound advice. However, NUFACE recommends waiting 14 days before you use the device after you have gotten Botox or fillers.

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