Size of Units

As you can see above, three sources offer rigid boxes and two offer soft flexible pads. Soft pads are far more comfortable and allow the lights to be as close as possible for maximum effectiveness. 


Ideal Light pads are in 3 lengths – all are 12 inches wide. Ideal also has a face mask and a boot – the lights are proven to cure neuropathy and damaged achilles tendons. 
Two – 40″ light pads.
Two – 30″ light pads.
Two – 24″ light pads.

The RedLightSoftPad offers a convenient size for wrapping around your foot or arm or leg or even you face with a velcro strap to hold it in place. It is 5 inches by 10 inches. 


RedRush360 Size: 10.6″ Wide x 16.3″ Tall x 2.6″ Thick – Weight: 13lbs

REDjuvenator Size 18″ Wide x 18 ” Tall x 2″ Thick – Weight 12 lbs

JOOVV specs:

More details about RedRush360 Specs are 
Power: 360 Watts 
Voltage: 100-240V
LEDs: 120 x 3W LEDs (60 x 660nm / 60 x 850nm)
>250 mw/cm2 max
100.5 mw/cm2 at 6″ – for deep tissue
47 mw/cm2 at 18″ – for energy
15 mw/cm2 at 36″ – for skin
EMF: 0.0uT at 6″
Cooling Fans: 2
Lifetime: 50,000 Hours