Red Light Soft Pads

I have been researching red lights and their incredible range of effects on the human body. All of the products made for home use as of February 2019 are in hard cases. So I have designed 2 options for you. One is a new pad shown below. It is small and perfect for arms and legs. I am also offering larger pads – 12 by 24, 12 by 30 and 12 by 40. The other option for you is a  repackage of your favorite lights in a soft pad.


Here is an example of a soft pad ideal for wrapping around your arm or leg or abdomen. It comes with a stretchable band with velcro on each end.



You can now get any of the hard case systems described below mounted in a soft flexible pad for use in a variety of comfortable positions. You can see each of the hard case  systems on the pages below. If you have already purchased one and you would like to have it remounted in a soft pad, you can send it to me and I will repackage it for you for a very reasonable fee. Email for a quote – tell me what model you have.

REDjuvenator by Leanne Venier is here –

REDjuvenator  is 18″ x 18 ” at a price of about $700 shipped. You can get the same system in a soft pad for $975 from me. It will be new with the same guarantee.

RedRush 360 is here  –

This system is 10.6″ x 16.3″ and the case has cooling fans in back. The price is $449 with free shipping. You can get this system in a soft pad for $875 but the performance remains to be seen because the cooling fans will not be with the soft pad.

JOOVV is here –

If you already have a system send me the specs for a quote to convert to soft pad. If you don’t – the system I recommend is their Mini at 8.75 inch by 15 inch.  Their price is $695. You can get this system in a soft pad for $975.