Kurt Shafer here, to tell you a bit about me and LEDs

I have been working with LED (Light Emitting Diode) lights since I graduated from the University of Southern California in 1965. I went to work that year for Bendix on the MK46 Torpedo program for the United States Navy.

Here is a brief history – Experimenting with the use of the semiconductor Gallium Arsenide that had started during the 1950s subsequently led to the development of the very first LED with practical use. In 1962, Nick Holonyak, Jr. invented the first LED that could produce visible red light.

In 1975 I was working for National Semiconductor and the NOVUS 826 calculator was released for sale for $39.95. It has an 8 digit 7 segment LED display that was one of the first ever invented.

Here is a picture of a standard display. And next to it is the calculator I got in 1975. These are perfect examples of LEDs. The larger picture shows the heart of what is called a 7-segment display. Note that the red lines are in small segments – there are 3 horizontal segments and 4 vertical segments that can form any letter or number known. The tiny numbers on the Novus are the same. It is a wonder of science and electronics that this calculator still operates after being carried around for over 45 years!

In those days LEDs were very low brightness. Over the years since the technology advanced to now  with much brighter LEDs. As a result, nearly every street signal and automobile light and home lighting system uses LEDs.

Over the years NASA experimented with these lights and found that their wavelengths ( red is 700–635 nanometer (a meter is 39 inches a millimeter is 1000th of a meter, and a nano meter is one billionth of a meter) have significant effect on skin.

Here is a quote “While NASA was working on the growing rate of the plants in space with the LEDs, other scientists overheard discussions among physicians in regard to laser therapy for their patients. … They discovered that LED red light, which has a longer wavelength, can penetrate the body tissues deeper.”

So, lately there have been hundreds of products announced using red LEDs. This web site is built for the purpose of telling you all you need to know about red light therapy.